Hi, I'm Brooklin!

I'm a Kitchener-Waterloo activist, politician, and community leader!

My experience

My priorities

Nice to Meet You!

I'm a young voice who represents a hugely underrepresented portion of the population; I'm a low-income, I'm a trans woman, and I'm a renter without a car. My work history is in retail and renewable energies. 

I believe that Kitchener needs a representative who doesn't fit into the popular idea of a politician.

Still curious about me? My About Me page from when I ran for Kitchener's City Council in 2022 has plenty more info, and my Policies page is a great insight into what my beliefs and priorities are! Of course, those were targeted towards municipal issues, but I think it's still a great window into who I am.

Feel free to contact me using the email, phone number, or Social media links below!